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We love making our hand-poured candles and hope you love them, too!  Please feel free to send us your comments. We look forward to hearing from you!


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Raven Lake Originals


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Raven Lake

A beautiful summer day at Raven Lake!



This is Raven Lake: the namesake of my candle company. Inspiration for the business struck me one day while I was mowing around the lake so it seemed only natural to name the business Raven Lake!

 I have always enjoyed the creative process and was searching for something to occupy my evenings.  I am faculty at a local college, but still wanted something to keep me busy as my children were getting older and needed me less. A friend had just sent me a particularly fragrant candle for the 4th of July holiday and I decided that I would give candle making a try.  I ordered the supplies (after I finished mowing!) and then spent the next several months testing, failing, quitting, starting over again, and on and on. It was a more difficult process than I realized! Finally, after researching and consulting other candle makers, and many, many failed attempts, I was able to create a highly fragrant candle with a clean burn and strong scent throw from start to finish. 

This has truly been a family affair. While I hand-pour each candle myself, my husband and four daughters (and their significant others) help in so many ways. I couldn't do it without them!

I treasure moments at home with my family and having a lovely fragrance wafting through the house on the hottest of summer days or coldest of winter nights creates a soothing and relaxing atmosphere. I hope you will enjoy my candles as much as I enjoy making them!


Made in the USA

I use local suppliers for my raw materials as much as possible. I order supplies from other small businesses and have met so many wonderful people who are passionate about what they do.  I re-use packaging materials to cut down on waste and recycle everything possible.  Our tins are 100% recyclable!


Stellar Products

Candles from Raven Lake Originals are highly fragrant and are infused with essential oils which creates a clean true scent from beginning to end. All cotton wicks keep the burn clean and long-lasting. Our 8 ounce candle will burn about 25 hours! 

Giving Back

We give back in several ways. Locally, we support various non-profit organizations through donations of candles and gift baskets for fundraisers. We also donate a portion of the profit from specific candles to national organizations. For example, a portion of the profit from the sale of the Transcendence candle goes to a national organization that helps victims of human trafficking. A portion of the profit from the sale of the Indonesian Teak candle goes to the World Wildlife Fund.